watermark Normal Eyes Mask 1

Old Generation - NORMAL Quallity Eyes Mask

 Watermark-Gold Eyes Mask-1Watermark-Gold Eyes Mask-1

NEW Generation -  GOLD Collogen Eyes Mask 




Collogen GOLD Eyes Mask 

( More Effective Than Normal Eyes Mask ) 

*powerful reduces dark circle,removes puffiness

*Prevent+Refine aging


1.Nourishing and Moisturizer
2.high quality collagen
3.Anti-wrinkle and dark circles


-Natural ingredients: plant collagen, Rose essential oil, NMF, haluronic acid, arbutin, vitamins, etc.

- Plant collagen can gradually dissolve at body temperature and permeate into skin.

- Mask becomes thinner after use

- Transparent collagen mask; crystal-clear in appearance

- Supported by plastic trays and can be easily taken from backing

Product function:

Collagen protein supplement , nutrition and moisturizing functions better, so that the skin around the eyes moist, water retention, and the release of active ingredients to promote eye micro vascular circulation, strengthen the eye skin metabolism, and stimulate collagen elastin proliferation, enhance the flexibility of the eye skin , to tighten the skin, eliminate fine lines eye, slow down production of coarse grain to reduce fatigue caused by such phenomena as the bags under the eyes and the black eye and suppress dry eyes, eye astringent, so that the skin around the eye soft , meticulous, let your derive greater spirited.

Applicable to the crowd:

Eye pattern due to the following factors, bags under the eyes, dark circles, eye fatigue by:

Lack of sleep, living without the law, etc. that often stays up late;

Poor diet, smoking and excessive persons;

Long-term use eye make - up or improper use of cosmetics persons;

Women’s menstrual period;

Long-term reading, writing, driving and so easily lead to eye fatigue persons;

Long-term use computers, those who watch TV.


After cleansing, remove the eye mask and start to mask two eyes locations between the center and to fingertips are fixed in the middle bridge of the nose, the eye mask eye to eye with the skin stretched tight Quartet contact. About 20-25 minutes later, remove the eye mask, no cleaning, gentle massage to the essence can be completely absorbed.

Preservation methods:

Room temperature, stored flat, can be refrigerated, is strictly prohibited in the 0 ° C below freezing.